3 SEO Services Your Small Business Can Benefit From

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3 SEO Services Your Small Business Can Benefit From

3 SEO Services Your Small Business Can Benefit From



Ranking high in search engines can be overwhelming for a small business. Running against the high-level competitors with ample SEO budgets and fighting for a piece of the web space can seem almost impossible. If you are one of the early Internet adopters and have decided to set your page ages ago, you will most definitely need to find someone who specializes in small business SEO services to do a website revamp and reach out to new customers.

If SEO looks a tad bit too complicated for an average person to comprehend how it works, it is because it has multiple tools and methods that change over time and aren’t effective in the same way for all type of businesses. Still, don’t forget that there is a real science behind small business SEO services that uses metrics and stats, and that an effective SEO company will be able to present the measurables to let you know what will happen with a particular SEO strategy.  Often experience in good SEO results counts as an extra skill. But, if you find a company that knows how to use the right tools for your business, you will be soon proudly looking at your first-page Google ranking and reaping the benefits of such position.

There are many SEO companies that specialize in helping apps gain traction through Google searches and paid advertising, but it’s crucial to find one that communicates effectively. Your SEO provider should be diligent and resourceful in order to choose the right SEO tools that will work for your business.

Though there are specific methods that can amp up the rankings for a particular industry, if you understand more about the following small business SEO services, you will be able to make the SEO strategy a success.

1. Keyword Research

There are free and paid keyword research tools that can help you learn the basics of how semantics and human behavior work together in searches. Your SEO provider will most likely propose keyword research because it’s an inevitable part of building good Google rankings.

If your business has multiple pages (the most common option) then you will have to choose the specific wording that is unique to your business and that specifically targets a relevant business segment.

The more specific you can get, the better. Search engines can be merciless and pages are never enough optimized. For example, if your small business works with wedding cakes, you can optimize with keywords like ‘wedding cake companies’ or ‘wedding cake deliveries’ or ‘bridal cakes’. However, if you choose ‘wedding cake recipes’, this may not be the typical keyword for commercial companies as it refers more to the recipes than to the recipe makers.

A person skilled in small business SEO services will be able to achieve the following goals relevant to keyword research:

  • Business relevance and commercial intent of the keyword
  • Keyword research volume for the relevant geolocation
  • Keyword competitiveness

As you can see, choosing the right keywords for your domain is a combination of skills, knowledge of the right metric and research tools, and a pinch of art.

Your SEO expert will be able to present a semantic hierarchy of the keywords and work together with you to choose the best possible keyword combination for your pages. Provided you’ve done the keyword research right, you’ve set the base for further SEO optimization.

2. Creating Pages to Match Keywords

The obsolete pages for your business must go unless you decide to optimize them (check the next section). Instead, you need to focus on creating pages for the keyword selection that resulted from the research and aim for ranking the pages for those keywords.

The new pages must be comprehensive and contain unique content, as well as include information of value and interest to attract readers when they come up to your result on Google.

Don’t overstuff the page with keywords and keep the URLs simple. Relevant keywords work appropriately when the page content is of high quality – make sure you find someone who considers small business SEO services a serious business and double-checks the content for quality. Overall, check high-ranking companies for comparison: they can provide a pretty good idea of what works in terms of great pages.

3. Page Optimization

Pages that have been newly created won’t need to be optimized right away. However, older pages with dedicated topics that match the keyword research results will need to be optimized.

A search engine works like a computer algorithm and needs to be able to discover your business page. This is where the consultancy of a small business SEO services specialist really comes to the fore: page optimization is not an easy task and it will require skilled efforts from your SEO expert to modify the page content and amp up the technical features.

Many small businesses prefer to invest in page optimization over page creation, as it is more affordable. There are simple SEO tricks that don’t require exhaustive spending to be able to impress search engine algorithms. As a general rule, page optimization includes actions such as creating attractive title-tags, including keywords, keyword variations and keyword synonyms in the body copy, optimizing the anchor text of inbound and outbound links, optimizing images, as well as removing irrelevant content to other domain sections to make sure that search engines recognize what the page is all about.

Conclusion: Once you complete these basic three SEO actions, the specialist who understands small business SEO services will suggest link building strategies, as well as technical audit tools to make sure that your business pages rank as planned in the long-term. After the initial consultation, and implementing the results of these basic SEO services, you’ll be apter and less concerned whether your pages look good and whether they can be easily found by your customers.

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