Bard vs. New Bing: Comparing Emerging AI Technologies

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Bard vs. New Bing: Comparing Emerging AI Technologies



Will AI be taking over the world?

This question permeates today’s zeitgeist as new AI systems are being introduced to the public. With the release of ChatGPT in late November of 2022, many of us have turned to the platform to assist and refresh several facets of our lives. Whether you have a specific question in mind, want to generate a story of several pages, or simply desire a conversation, ChatGPT can offer substantive responses and information. 

Its impressive capabilities have already been impacting our environments significantly. We’ve heard about curious students using ChatGPT in schools or creatives utilizing it in various work industries. 

In the wake of this exciting, bold technology, we’ve seen a surge of new AI systems that will provide individuals with various tools at their disposal. Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s new Bing are only some of the new names we’ve heard thus far. With these recent systems, it’s sensible many are curious to know how these technologies differentiate and how to use each for their maximum benefit.

Bard – Google’s New AI 

With the beta version of Bard released, many are joining the waitlist and are excited to see its capabilities. Bard uses Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Apps (LaMDA), which is intended to make conversations between humans and computers more natural and seamless.

Bard, like ChatGPT and other AI programs, responds directly with informative responses to queries. However, Bard’s model aims to generate substantive and deeply explanatory answers, instead of quick and simple replies to questions. Bard offers three thorough drafts to most queries, a distinctive feature not seen with other AI systems. Bard offers assistance in multiple different ways:

  • Extracts information and data from the web to generate deeply insightful answers to queries
  • Generates creative responses to prompts, such as writing quality blog posts
  • Provides personal assistance, like helping with time management
  • Can have engaging and informative conversations
  • Switch quickly between multiple drafts of an answer

Bard will be much more advanced than the basic Google search engine. Compared to other chatbots, Bard is notably more careful in its responses. It will steer clear from queries involving more serious topics, such as medical or financial guidance, to not provide erroneous information. 

New Bing – Microsoft’s AI for Edge

On the other hand, Microsoft released new Bing in early February of 2023, the AI software that currently can only be used with their Microsoft Edge browser. The program runs on a next-generation OpenAI language model, with Microsoft stating it’s more capable than ChatGPT. 

new Bing is great for generating quick facts and information. Usually generating shorter responses than Google’s Bard. new Bing has an additional feature, Edge copilot, intended to provide additional suggestions depending on your visiting webpage.

Several features:

  • Generate responses with quick facts and information. Including citations to its sources
  • Focused on providing more factual information rather than creative replies
  • Content ideation for projects
  • An additional feature, Edge Copilot, provides added insights into the web pages you are visiting.

Both new Bing and Bard are fantastic AI options for everyone to benefit. However, with the New Bing being the first system to release, it is safe to assume Microsoft is at the forefront of this evolving technology. This should be seen for what it is, a great measure of success! It seems the vanguard company will continue to advance, and we can only imagine what’s in store for us.

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