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Mentaj is an app that helps people reach their goals by sharing the steps others took to complete them. It allows users to vote on the better steps to achieve each goal and helps people track how many goals have been reached.



Mentaj helps people share and create goals. The user can set the start, and end dates for each goal step and vote on the best steps to achieve similar goals as a community. Achieving more goals will allow users to level up with status and achievements, and become mentors.


We designed Mentaj to be relaxing and motivational with an easy-to-understand UI, and UX that break down the barriers to achieving goals and forming positive habits. It’s never been easier to make and achieve goals with your community than with Mentaj.


SEM Nexus developed Mentaj utilizing Flutter.
Easily track your progress! User profiles give you up-to-date information about your completed and in-progress goals.
Create and share goals with other users! Encourage each other as you embark on your journey. Check out the most popular challenges and goals from other users on the platform!
Users can compare steps they took to achieve their goals and vote collectively on the best way to reach their goals. The best path to goal completion can be found when everyone participates!
Chat with other Mentaj users! Share valuable information about the best steps for success – learn from users that have met their goals, or help others on their way to reaching their goals.



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