Setting KPIs for Your New App as a Developer

Once you’ve come up with an idea for an app and began developing it, you’ll undoubtedly want to see it succeed. But how do you measure that success? The answer to that is by setting KPIs, also known as key performance indicators. These are the measuring sticks for your app’s performance. There are a variety […]

Common Mobile App Marketing Myths to Avoid

The mobile app industry is continuing to grow day by day as more and more people develop mobile applications that they desire to put on the market. Because the market is growing, there are many voices that are contributing to the conversation but not all of them are useful. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding […]

The Most Popular Apps Amongst Gen Z Might Surprise You

What types of apps are Gen Z most engaged with and interested in? Perhaps surprisingly, thg an app marketing strategy, it’s important to research deeply. So read ahead to find out more about the most popular apps amongst Gen Z.

The Top Ten Apps for Millennials in 2021

Millennials are a coveted group of users when it comes to a targeted audience for an app. They make up the overwhelming majority of working adults, which means they are most likely to have the income to make purchases and drive downloads and revenue. When it comes to app marketing, they’re not a demographic to […]

Digital Marketing Solutions for App Marketing in 2021

Online marketing companies are constantly updating their strategies to keep up with changing trends in the digital world. Because of the fast pace of the internet, some solutions may become less effective from year to year. However, some strategies are strong enough to withstand the test of time. Here are three digital marketing solutions that […]

Getting Your App Exposure With Google Play Store Ads

The first big step into app marketing is advertising at the sources, the App Stores Marketplaces.  Keyword based ASO marketing strategies have created the backbone of your app’s marketing, but now is time to push slightly beyond organic searches.  Google Play Store Ads are a great way to help you reach Android device users through a search within the […]

How to Boost Your App Conversions With Apple Search Ads

After your app is developed and live on app stores; its time to hit app marketplaces and get your new app exposure.  A great way to get your foot in the door with app advertising would be to invest in Apple Search Ads.  Apple Search Ads give your app exposure on the Apple App Store through keywords linked to […]

The Importance of App Store Keywords Research

When marketing your app, one of the first things you come across is how to optimize your app’s exposure on the app store.  Before running into ads, you have to make sure your app is best explained and displayed on app store marketplaces.  App Store keywords research is done in order to find the best […]

How to Get More App Downloads with a CRO Audit

Once an app is completed, it is best practice to conduct a proper CRO audit before putting your foot on the gas in advertising.  A CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) audit is used to determine what problem/problems lie within your app that would cause low conversion rates. Most app advertising companies know to conduct a CRO […]

How to Create a Dating App: Pre Launch Marketing

The new age of online dating has come and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  With everyone looking for love, dating apps have taken over the app marketplace as people continue to search for their significant through refined searches.  Any idea is a good idea when it comes to creating a new dating app, but […]


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