How Your NFT Art Purchase Can Help Ukraine Directly

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How Your NFT Art Purchase Can Help Ukraine Directly



As Ukraine continues to shoulder the burden of the Russian invasion, people are finding more unique ways to lend aid to the country. Large companies such as Uber and Airbnb have been allowing people to use their mobile apps to provide Ukranians in need with funds and transportation. But now an even more accessible approach has emerged through the selling of NFT art. Individuals have taken advantage of the decentralized platform to create NFTs that people can purchase in order to directly fund Ukraine’s defense efforts.

scream_of_freedom’s NFT Art Collection

Scream_of_freedom is the owner of an untitled collection of NFTs for sale on that range in pricing from 1 to 1.3 Ethereum. While this is not the cheapest cryptocurrency available on the market, it is the top currency aside from Bitcoin on the market. This makes it a reliable form of tender and it means that less is needed to help. Take a look at the pieces in the collection below.


(image courtesy of

Description: My home, Ukraine, is placed in the heart of Europe which historically doomed our land to become a battlefield for armies from western and eastern empires. No one would think that a real war can happen in the 21st century, but it did! And again, in the heart of Europe, on our land.

Today we are fighting to protect not just the territory, but the Rights! We are defending the right to be a free, independent, sovereign country and the right to be a part of a democratic world.

The Ukrainian nation would never admit any puppet government, nor ignore the attempts of the neighboring autocratic regime to occupy our land and manipulate our people. The Ukrainian army will keep fighting till the last soldier standing to protect our freedom of thoughts, beliefs and religion, and our future!

Help us in the creation of the unbreakable shield for Ukraine. By purchasing this NFT you are supporting our army.

Price: 1 ETH ($2,574.42) on the Polygon blockchain

For more information about “Home” and to place a bid, visit the listing here


(image courtesy of

Description: Ukraine is a peaceful place where lots of talented and creative minds are born to enrich the world with brilliant ideas, inspiring actions and brave endeavors.

Recently the Russian government has initiated a so-called “special operation” to “help” us. In fact, they brought hostile troops to our land, starting a cruel war, aiming to invade our home and ruin the Peace and Democracy in the whole of Europe. But we stand up united against this challenge and thus we’ll never be defeated.

Although righteous fighting requires sufficient funding. We are already getting much help from different sources, but since the aggressor is unresting our defense must be retained relentlessly. Our soldiers who are fighting for freedom and humanitarian principles need to be supported daily.

So this NFT was created to raise funds for our army and equip those who are on the line of fire to stand up still until the enemy flees back behind the country borders.

Invest in the worldwide Peace and Democracy. Glory to Ukraine and our soldiers!

Price: 1.3 ETH ($3,346.75) on the Polygon blockchain

For more information about “Freedom” and to place a bid, visit the listing here


(image courtesy of

Description: Nothing is permanent in the world. The pain is never forgotten. And that who is trying to drown others in fear will drown in fear himself.

Modern democratic nations do not initiate war conflicts, but today Ukrainians are forced to participate in such incidents, as this is happening on our territory.

We did not search for a situation that made it impossible to be living and thriving in peace as we were before. Now people of Ukraine are disturbed from their common lives by Russian invaders, but are united in the actions of repelling the enemy’s forces.

Probably, when planning the campaign, the Russian president thought that we’ll get scared of his army and weapons and our capitulation will be immediate. But that was a big tactical mistake. Thus, he himself is the one who has to be scared of our unity and strength of our character.

As we are united not only inside the country, but with the whole world, because only together we can establish, develop and protect Democracy.

Today more than ever the Ukrainian army needs support, so buy this NFT to encourage our Freedom.

Price: 1 ETH ($2,574.42) on the Polygon blockchain

For more information about “Fear” and to place a bid, visit the listing here

StandWithUA-NFT’s NFT Art

StandWithUA-NFT is a creator on behind the collection titled Ukrainian superheroes, a collection of original paintings created by artists of the StandWithUkraine.NFT team. 99% of the proceeds go to the purchase of equipment for the Ukrainian military.

Grandma against the drone

(image courtesy of

Description: One of the brightest stories of the Ukrainian liberation war against the Russian invaders is the story of a grandmother who shot down a drone from a balcony with the help of a jar of cucumbers. Grandmother. She beat. Drone. Cucumbers…

The painting was painted by Ukrainian artist Natalia Klochak, a member of the StandWithUkraine team, a community that turns art into weapons.

Price: 0.04 ETH ($102.98)

For more information about “Grandma against the drone” and to place a bid, visit the listing here

Why NFT Art?

You may be wondering, “Why, out of all the fundraising ideas, should I focus on NFTs?”. As has been reported, there are many Ukrainians suffering in real time. Donating to charities is a viable option, but it can take time for these donations to be utilized – time that Ukraine may not necessarily have. Cryptocurrency offers the opportunity for an immediate exchange of funds. This is critical in the emergency situation at hand. While there are many who have been fortunate enough to be able to seek refuge outside of the country, there are still many brave people on the front lines of the effort to defend Ukraine from Russian attack. As a digital marketing company, we feel compelled to highlight ways that the tech industry can produce positive change. Your donation, or even your effort to raise awareness about campaigns such as these can help raise money needed to make a difference and bring an end to the nightmare of war.

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