Important Steps Before Advertising Your App

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Important Steps Before Advertising Your App



Optimize Before Hitting the App Store

Finally, your app is developed and your vision is about to be put into play, but now you’ve run into your next obstacle, app advertising.  Firstly, make sure your app functions at a high level and is optimized to its best ability. Be sure to have your developers install the necessary marketing software in order to efficiently track your users and make sure you hit your target audience. Reaching out to specialized app market research companies can really prove its worth and have your app showing up at the top of app store charts.  

According to Google, about 40% of users find and download their apps by browsing through their smartphones app stores, so ASO (App Store Optimization) is very important in getting your app exposure. Also, make sure you have a roadmap of how you will be advertising your app to get noticed on the market; along with what types of strategies you are willing to employ.  Be sure to also include a solid budgeting plan specifically for marketing your app.  So many times apps hit the market ready and die out because they couldn’t keep up with the app’s marketing costs in order to keep it profitable.  

Determine App Pricing, Target Audience, and App Competitors

Keep in mind the budget of your app and have a pricing plan.  Allow for your users to enjoy the app in its early stages and then further monetize the app for more purchases along with subscription based payments later on.  Find out who your app will best fit and hone in on that target audience. For example, utilizing social media influencers is a great way of hitting your app’s demographic.

The app market is constantly changing due to the consistent influx of different and similar apps; so marketing strategies have to be able to adjust depending on the variable. Two main points of an efficient app marketing strategy would consist of staying up to date on your app’s competitors and monitoring your user’s engagement within your app. If your app falls under a category that is abundant in that type of apps, be able to differentiate your app from the others. Be sure to engage your audience within your app and be able to track it. This will help you later when and if you would need to pivot strategy.

Mobile App Advertising and Quantitative Market Research 

Your number one goal when launching your app is to hit the app market… Hard.  This is where your app is going to be most seen and everything counts when displaying your app on the marketplace.  Keywords in the description and eye grabbing screenshots are crucial in getting your app noticed.  The first step is to guide a user to your app. Then after they reach the landing zone, they need to be swayed to download your app. 

ASO marketing is extremely important in app advertising and can be the deciding factor in getting your app downloads, but having a plan to retain your users is what will keep your app profitable. Marketing agencies utilize App Store Optimization to maximize an application’s exposure and create plans to keep your app ranked the highest. After your app is ready for downloads, you will need a way to track user actions in order to adjust strategy and sustain profit.  

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