Impressive Female Entrepreneurs in Tech: Mobile App Edition

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Impressive Female Entrepreneurs in Tech: Mobile App Edition



March has flown by, but we couldn’t let the month end without shouting out some additional influential women in tech who we admire! We started off Women’s History Month by applauding women entrepreneurs and we want to close it out in the same way. So we’ve brought things even closer to home with a focus on mobile apps. Without further ado, enjoy our mobile app edition of female entrepreneurs in tech.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tech – Events

Julia Hartz: Co-Founder behind the Eventbrite App

Before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, Hartz worked as a development executive at MTV and then FX Networks. In 2006, she co-founded Eventbrite with her husband and an additional partner. Since its inception, Eventbrite has grown into a global scale self-service ticketing platform for live experiences. 

Hartz currently serves as CEO of the popular event planning app. She has been recognized as one of Fortune magazine’s 40 Under 40 business leaders twice, Inc.’s 35 under 35, and one of Fortune’s most powerful women entrepreneurs. She loves sharing her expertise as a business leader and is passionate about advancing women in tech.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tech – Fitness

Payal Kadakia: Founder of ClassPass

If you’ve ever lived in a major city and you love taking various workout classes, chances are you’ve heard of ClassPass. The app is available in most major cities in the US and around the world. The fitness app allows subscribers to book studio classes in their city at a discounted rate and without locking into a membership at one specific location. 

Kadakia’s dance background is what inspired her to found ClassPass, while her MIT degree in Operations Research and Economics gave her the tools to put the app together alongside co-founder Mary Biggens. These female entrepreneurs have revolutionized the boutique fitness experience by making it more accessible to people who might not be able to afford, or might feel restricted by a more traditional membership model.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tech – Travel

Gillian Morris: Co-Founder of Hitlist

There are plenty of travel apps on the market depending on whether you need to book a hotel room, a short stay in an apartment, or rent a car. But when it comes to booking cheap flights, Gillian Morris saw a gap in the market. Enter Hitlist – a free mobile app designed to help users find the cheapest flight options from their local airports to destinations around the world.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tech – Female Health Apps

Dr Elina Berglund: Co-Founder and CTO of Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is a fertility app powered by an algorithm that accurately determines the user’s fertility status by using body temperature. Berglund co-founded the app alongside her husband and it’s since become the first FDA-approved app-based form of birth control.

Elina is a physicist and her husband also has a physics background while being interested in entrepreneurial pursuits as well. As a woman in tech, Elina combined her expertise and personal interests to find a revolutionary solution to a problem many women face around the world.

Dr Maryam Ziaei and Dr Shadi Saberi: Co-Founders of iSono Health

iSono Health is the company behind ATUSA, the foremost portable and automated 3D breast ultrasound scanner. It was designed for physicians and women’s health offices to be able to provide a faster and more convenient screening process for patients. The 3D scanner, a wearable accessory, and a Windows tablet or desktop combine to produce real-time image display, review and measurement and a secure web application for remote viewing with advanced 3D visualization.

Ziaei and Saberi have over 28 years of combined research and industry experience in development of microscale devices, hardware systems, IC and PCB design, and more. With these impressive backgrounds, it’s no surprise that these women in tech were able to come together to create a new system that uses technology to push the boundaries of what was believed to be possible in the realm of women’s health.

Katherine Ryder: Founder and CEO of Maven Clinic

Maven is a digital health clinic created with women and their families in mind. The app prioritizes whole-person care, lowering costs, and providing exceptional outcomes. Ryder founded the platform in 2014 after spending about two years as an Early Stage Investor with Index Ventures in London. While Ryder’s background is largely in business, this hasn’t stopped her from joining the ranks of other women in tech looking to improve the healthcare experience for women who have often felt unheard and gone untreated.

Roni Frank: Co-Founder of Talkspace

Another app in the telehealth realm, Talkspace is a therapy platform that provides users access to licensed therapists via messaging, video chat, and phone calls. There are four categories: online therapy, couples therapy, teen therapy, and psychiatry. Talkspace aims to make therapy more accessible and affordable for patients.

Frank co-founded Talkspace with her husband in 2014. She currently serves as the head of clinical services although in November she and her husband announced that they would be stepping down from their respective roles after a 6-month transition period.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tech – Lifestyle Apps

Natalie Verter: Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer – Photomyne

Photomyne is an app that digitizes old photos so that they can be safely stored and accessed online. The app boasts features such as Ai-based multiple photo scanning, automatic photo cropping, and an impressive 10 minutes/100 photos scan time. The photomyne family has also expanded to multiple other apps including Colorize, FilmBox, Photo Family Tree, and more.

Verter’s app has managed to partner with and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NYTimes, and Esquire. The Isreli-based app has also been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since March 2021.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tech – Gaming Apps

Rosa Mei Huang: Founder and CEO of Funky Bots

Funky Bots is actually a company that creates mobile apps to promote fitness through dance, martial arts and creative play. Funky Bots’ initial motion sensor apps for street dance and tai chi and the premier 7-minute app for moving meditation.

Huang is an inventor, movement artist, and app creator. Like other women in tech, she combined her knowledge with passion in order to help create apps that use tech to introduce children to fitness and movement. The company is currently developing Atomic Bands, which will be the first motion gaming wristbands that utilize bluetooth and real-time motion tracking for single-player and multiplayer use.

Female Mobile App Entrepreneurs are the FutureConclusion

It’s clear that women have been making waves in the mobile app industry even if they haven’t been receiving recognition. Their valuable contributions across genres are inspiring, and we’re happy to close out Women’s History Month by celebrating them. And if you have a mobile app idea you’re looking to develop and market, reach out. We’d love to help you make your app a success!


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