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The Best Social Platform for Mobile App Marketing



Once you’ve begun strategizing your digital marketing campaign for your mobile app, you may begin to think about all the options that exist for social media marketing. While there is no best social platform for mobile app marketing across the board, there are platforms better suited for different types of niches or campaigns. We’re going to take a look below at some of the best social media platforms for effective mobile app marketing below.

Best Social Platform for Visuals – Instagram

Instagram is a great social platform for mobile app advertising because it’s visual. It gives you a platform to display the best features of your app front and center. It also provides a space for community engagement – people on Instagram are always eager to share their opinions in the comments below! This platform is also immensely popular amongst young users – over 70% of Instagram users are under 35 years old. So if your target audience falls into that demographic then this may be exactly the platform for you.

Instagram helps its marketers streamline their campaigns through Instagram Ads. Businesses can boost organic posts in order to turn them into ads that blend right in with user’s feeds. It’s also easy to set budgets and durations on ads as well as track their performance right from your Instagram profile on desktop or the app. And because Instagram is part of the Meta universe, digital marketers can also build Ads campaigns across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and more.

Instagram is also the perfect platform for any marketers interested in using influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Instagram influencers have blown up in recent years and people are beginning to realize that they can utilize influencers of all levels to promote their product. In fact, this strategy can be more effective because audiences trust people over brands and are more likely to follow their guidance when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Best Social Platform for Gen Z – TikTok

TikTok is by and large the go-to social platform for targeting Gen Z audiences. The app has blown up in the past couple of years, since its transition from music-based to all-encompassing short form content. TikTok makes things relatively simple for marketers by having its own TikTok Ads Manager. The suite uses a four-step process: Choose your goal, Select your audience, Set your budget, and Design your ad. This may alleviate any fears you have about TikTok being a foreign platform you have to do tons of research to take advantage of. The select your audience feature is particularly useful because it allows you to target very specific micro audiences based on behavior, geographic location, and more. This way you can be sure that your paid ads are worth the money you’re spending each day.

Tiktok is also another go-to social platform for influencer marketing. Young adults such as Addison Rae and Bella Poarch have risen to celebrity status through their TikTok profiles and have managed to secure sponsorships and partnerships with giant brands across the world. But you don’t have to work with a macro influencer in order to make your TikTok campaign successful. In fact, working with a micro or nano influencer on this platform can be even more cost-effective than on Instagram, and combined with TikTok’s targeting filters, it can be more effective overall as well. You can trust that most any influencer you find on the platform will know how to successfully record a TikTok of solid quality – you simply need to focus on finding an influencer to partner with who matches the niche of your mobile app. And with the wide range of content on the app, from cooking to investment advice, you should have no problem finding an enthusiastic face to help market your mobile app.

Best Social Platform for Text – Twitter

Twitter can be an underrated platform when it comes to advertising, but it can be very useful if you’re able to take advantage of seamless feed integration with ads. Approximately 38.5% of Twitter users are between the ages of 25-34, so if your target audience falls into this range, then Twitter is a great place for you to be. Twitter has multiple options for ad formats, but all of them have the benefit of appearing as tweets in the feed as users scroll. This means they are more likely to interact with the ads as they blend into their experience, rather than distracting or interrupting them.

The most popular form of Twitter ads are promoted ads, which have several subcategories:

  • Image Ads – showcase your mobile app with a single photo
  • Video Ads – bring your mobile app to life and drive traffic to its website or app store page
  • Carousel Ads – include up to six horizontal-swipe images  or videos that can showcase multiple product pages or even promotions
  • Moment Ads – create, curate and promote a collection of Tweets to tell an immersive story that goes beyond 280 characters
  • Text Ads – these simple and native Text Ads feel like the rest of Twitter content and allow you to expand the reach of your Tweets beyond your followers to your desired target audience.

Twitter doesn’t just stop with giving marketers options, the company offers a wealth of knowledge on best practices as well. There is advice for each step of the campaign process, from strategy, to copy, to images, to video, to campaign optimization. With all of these resources, Twitter is also a great social platform for mobile app advertising for beginners.

Best Social Platform for Reach – Facebook

Facebook remains the most popular social platform, with about 2.9 billion monthly active users worldwide. With this in mind, Facebook is definitely the social platform you want to use for mobile app marketing if you’re interested in reaching a wide audience. Facebook Business also allows you to create ads, target audiences, manage budgets, and even perform A/B testing for different ad aspects. And as mentioned above, META integration gives marketers the availability to run the same ads across Messenger, Instagram, Facebook Feed, etc. with each ad being optimized specifically for the platform on which it is appearing. If you want to target audiences based on what interests them or where they are, rather than simply targeting a certain age range, Facebook and its META umbrella may be just the space for you.

Best Social Platform for B2B – LinkedIn

LinkedIn had more than 774 million active users in 200 countries and over 55 million companies on the site. The site is a bit set apart from other social platforms on today’s list in that it is best suited for B2B marketing. So if your mobile app caters to companies or is centered around the job market, you may be able to thrive on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn has been tapped as the best social platform for visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager allows marketers to put together campaigns with ease. Once an account is made, there are 5 steps:

  1. Choose an objective – Marketers can choose between awareness, consideration, and conversion.
  2. Target your audience – LinkedIn has over 20 different audience attribute categories to choose from.
  3. Choose your ad format – Marketers can choose between Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, or use a mix of all four.
  4. Choose budget/schedule – choose a daily ad spend and set the start and end times of your campaign.
  5. Measure/Optimize your campaign – Once the campaign is live, marketers can view up-to-date analytics and make any adjustments in order to better the campaign.

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