The Importance of App Store Keywords Research

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The Importance of App Store Keywords Research



When marketing your app, one of the first things you come across is how to optimize your app’s exposure on the app store.  Before running into ads, you have to make sure your app is best explained and displayed on app store marketplaces.  App Store keywords research is done in order to find the best keywords to help your app come up in organic searches.  This is also known as ASO (App Store Optimizations) and is the first step in advertising your app.  

Keywords researched and strategically placed in descriptions is what will help your app rank high in organic searches.  Because a user is searching for a specific need, very few keywords are placed in the search bar and the app store finds the best fit where those keywords come up frequently.  Being that keyword searches are so short, these keywords hold a lot of power in getting an app exposure on the market.  These types of keyword searches are not only seen in ASO, but also in other product searches as well.  

The Difference Between App Store Keywords and Other Keyword Searches

These other keyword searches are best grouped together as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content.  Searches on search engines, like Google, are also reliant on keywords; but these searches tend to be a little longer and contain more keywords, slightly lessening the value of each keyword and phrase.  The best comparison to be made for ASO keyword searches can be one of the searches on online shopping platforms such as Amazon or Ebay

Product searches are very similar to app searches. Take these as an example:

In searching for a freelance job app, someone may type in the keywords “best freelance app;” showing the apps that best have the keywords “freelance” in the name, title, subtitle, and descriptions.  

Also when clicking on the first search result, read over Fiver’s description and see how often the keyword “freelancer” appears.  

Now take a look at this Amazon search for an iPhone 12 case.  Once again, typing into the search “best iphone 12 case,” and here are the results. 

The store presents products that best fit the keyword search.  This search’s keywords would be “iphone 12” and “case.”  Now check out Amazon’s Choice result, the TORRAS case. Take a look at how many times the keywords mentioned are stated in the product name and description. 

Keywords Over Content 

After reading some of each app’s description and Amazon’s product description, you can see that sometimes each description loses a little fluency for the sake of adding in the keywords.  On the Fiverr’s app store description, this is done a little more subtly.  While the TORRAS iPhone case’s name and description blatantly show what keywords are jammed in to get search results. When writing a description for an app you don’t want to go all out and ramble with keywords, but you do want to tie in as many as possible without breaking fluency too much.

Why App Store Keywords Are So Important 

Keywords are crucial in ASO app marketing.  It is evident that in all online searches keywords help users best find the apps or products they are looking for.  Strategic use of high ranking keywords with large volume and low difficulty will help drive traffic to your app’s download page organically. Using keyword software like AppTweak is a great way to find these specific words. With just about 70% of app downloads coming from direct app store searches, keywords are very important in getting your app exposure on the marketplace. 

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