Underutilized Internet Marketing Strategies You Could Try

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Underutilized Internet Marketing Strategies You Could Try

Underutilized Internet Marketing Strategies You Could Try



Pssst, hey. Try this ‘online marketing’ thing; everyone’s doing it

We’ve talked about the sheer volume of apps that are available for download, so it is only logical that a large proportion of the apps available in the stores go unnoticed. We would even wager that there’s at least a few apps which are excellent in design and execution, but we might not even know about them because its developers did not know how to market it and could never quite get it off the ground. This post is here to help save you from that fate and at least give you a fighting chance because you can bet for sure that everyone else and their grandma is making use of internet marketing. We’re serious about that last part; you know those old reposted forwards your grandmother forwards you on Facebook? Well that’s a form of internet marketing too, even if it’s unintentional.

Well-known digital marketing strategies and online media campaigns

Most of us probably have some idea about the more well-known approaches and strategies of internet and online marketing, but just to round up the usual suspects, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (with and without influencers), and content marketing are some of the most important ones in your online marketing toolkit. However, if these are all the online marketing tools you have heard of, you really need work on expanding your horizon, because there’s many more internet marketing strategies out there that don’t get enough love. So, here’s some lesser-used or underutilized strategies you could add to your internet marketing campaigns and ‘up your game’.

There are many different internet and online marketing strategies to choose from

Underutilized strategy #1: Create a communication channel with review outlets

This one is essentially a combination of content marketing and influencer marketing. What we’re talking about is the outlets that are focused on reviews, such as the countless YouTube videos out there on nearly any matter, or the niche blogs that are focused on specific products or services. It appears that many companies have a fear of review outlets as they feel that a critical review of their product or service could hurt their chances with their intended target audience. In our opinion that isn’t the right mentality that can lead to success; instead, we believe it would be better to go through crucible of fire and come out stronger, rather than languish in mediocrity with no outlet for introspection and improvement.

Online marketing through reviewers of products and services can help increase visibility and provides feedback for improvement
Think of it this way; when you put your product or service up for review, especially during the early stages, a positive review can boost your visibility to your audience, while a neutral or negative review can help you obtain valuable feedback on what the market wants to see and what your product or solution might be missing. But won’t negative reviews make you tank before you can even get started? Not quite; customers love companies who listen to them and so, getting a reviewer to acknowledge that you listen to your audience would help boost your brand reputation, while also increasing the visibility of the product or solution. This means that a well-rounded internet marketing strategy that makes use of reviewer-based influencer marketing should also focus on gathering feedback and making improvements based on user expectations. In other words, you can use this strategy to create a communication channel or platform to market your product or service better, and improve their appeal for the audience.

Underutilized strategy #2: Direct marketing through podcasts

Whenever there is a discussion of content marketing, it typically revolves around articles, blog posts, infographics or videos. Podcasts are not mentioned as often, perhaps because they are seen as being less engaging than written content or visual media. However, that’s what makes podcasts an interesting and powerful tool for direct internet marketing. We’re always on the go in our fast-paced world and we frequently find ourselves in situations where we cannot have our eyes glued to the screen of our mobile phones, tablets or laptops to read written content or watch videos. Daily workout and gym routines, commutes to work or even solo meals on the go are all some typical examples of such situations.

Creating and delivering engaging podcasts could allow you to market your products or services in a subliminal manner even during these periods of ‘downtime’ in which your audience are not consuming any other type of digital marketing. Podcasts can be especially suitable for you if you happen to have difficulty with putting your words down in writing. They also allow you to express raw emotion better than written content does, so we highly recommend giving this approach some more attention. Stay tuned for more from us on other underutilized internet marketing strategies.

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