What is ASO and SEO: Advertising Your App

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What is ASO and SEO: Advertising Your App



ASO and SEO Simplified 

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the optimizing of an app’s exposure on an app store’s marketplace with the use of particular keywords and phrases. Ranking higher in an app store’s search, like Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, can lead to more organic downloads; which in turn makes your app much more profitable. ASO specialized agencies have gained tremendous ground in app advertising due to the ever growing app market. ASO can help refine your app’s marketing, getting your app on the front end of search results.    

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is similar, but slightly different from ASO.  Like ASO, SEO utilizes keywords to better direct users to their desired location.  While ASO optimizes searches for app store related keywords, SEO uses keywords based off of data from search engine keywords.  Search engines, like Google, utilize SEO to direct online traffic to the corresponding webpages.

How ASO and SEO Adds to App Advertising

The primary objective for ASO and SEO is to direct web traffic to the correct landing zones.  They do this by maximizing the usage of keyword banks to help organic searches reach your app or webpage.  The more keywords you utilize, the more traffic you can potentially drive to your website/app.  Almost 70% of app downloads come directly from app store searches.  

Keywords placed in the description of the app helps search engines better vet words and phrases to direct users to the app they are most closely searching for.  Once a user is directed to the apps they are looking for; screenshots, videos, and reviews take over in swaying them towards your app.  Subtle images, eye catching phrases, and descriptive images help users learn and understand what your app does before they download it.    

How ASO is Different From SEO

Simply put, ASO and SEO do the same thing, but there is a slight difference that draws a line between them. App store marketplaces are more narrow in words and consumers tend to search for an app using very few keywords.  So, these words count, A LOT. While on the other hand, SEO has a little more leeway.  Searches done on search engines tend to be more specific due to most people searching for information rather than a specified product.

ASO and SEO do have their slight differences, but this does not mean either one is more important than the other.  The goal is to direct traffic to your app in any way you can.  Whether it be a direct search for it on the app store, a link from a blog, or an in app advertisement.  One way or another, the discovery of your app needs to be as easy and convenient as possible.    

Why both ASO and SEO are Crucial in Advertising Your App

App advertising agencies utilize efficient keywords and phrases to improve ASO and SEO to get an app as much exposure on the market from every platform.  A user’s behavior is different when it comes to searching for an app on the app marketplace verses on a search engine like Google. Specific keywords and phrases strategically placed help funnel down searches and collect and study data based off of a frequent user search.  

Both ASO and SEO are tools that should definitely be used to maximize your app’s/webpage’s visibility to users.  The more exposure your app gets, the more likely it will end up being downloaded.  With app store’s marketplaces growing more and more each day, ASO becomes the number one tool in advertising your app on app stores; while SEO is a great tool used to direct traffic to your app from outside the app marketplace.

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