Do I HAVE to get a Digital Strategist? What do they even do!?

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Do I HAVE to get a Digital Strategist

Do I HAVE to get a Digital Strategist? What do they even do!?



In a digital age, online presence matters above all else

The world around us today is defined by online interactions and digital integration permeates all walks of our lives. Let’s face the facts; technology dominates nearly everything that we do and without our 24/7 online connectivity, many of us would go crazy. This is not necessarily a bad thing as our lives have been made infinitely easier due to the shift towards online-based consumption, whether it is for media content, online purchases, social communication or marketing. Think about it, how awesome does it feel to be able to just move your wrist a little to click on something on your web browser and have it delivered to you with no further hassle? The point we’re trying to get at is that businesses need to have a strong online presence now more than ever to keep up with the growing online connectivity enjoyed by consumers. Here’s where digital strategists come into the picture; they’re essentially technology and digital content specialists helping businesses elevate their game to the next level and keep them ahead of the rabid competition biting at their heels. Now, we obviously look biased when we say this, seeing as we represent SEM Nexus, a digital marketing agency in its own right, but please take a second and hear us out.

Is digital transformation just another buzzword?

Digital transformation and related terminologies such as digital strategy usually refer to the application of the latest technological developments to improve the level of business activity or obtain digital capabilities in a business environment dominated by technological. Put simply, these just refer to ways by which we can make technology do some of the hard lifting so that our efforts get multiplied and we can achieve a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency. This is not something separate or distinct that you need to focus time and effort on; on the contrary, digital strategy is something that needs to be a part of your overall business strategy. We know some of you are probably thinking this right about now, so let’s address this right away. No, digital strategy is not just a buzzword or the latest ‘gimmick’ that businesses are getting into just because it sounds sophisticated, innovative or interesting. Don’t just take our word for it; reputed news outlet Forbes states that digital strategy can encompass anything and everything ranging from social media, web channel, cloud, data analytics, online products or revenue channels and so much more.

You are the captain of your ship; we, as digital marketing experts, aim to be your North Star

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed right now by the sheer extent of what digital strategy is and what you can accomplish by properly implementing it, then you now have an idea of why you need a digital strategist to help guide you through the muddy waters. If we’re being completely honest, there are a lot of sub-optimal digital solutions out there that will just bog you down if you were to go in blindfolded and try them all out on your own. That is the reason digital strategists exist; to tell you what’s going to work and what’s not, because there are a lot of nitty-gritty technical details and digital magic that happens behind the scenes, which you as entrepreneurs or management professionals might not be in the know about. Digital strategists have dived into the digital occult and sifted through the mud to learn what they know. They then share this knowledge with decision makers so that they do not have to undertake risky experimentation on their own.

Expertise of digital strategy and product marketing specialists

Let’s take a step back and think about this again. When faced with a legal issue, you wouldn’t try to solve the problem without taking some legal consultation first. When you come up against an accounting problem, and you don’t happen to have an internal audit team, you wouldn’t sit and sift through your books for what might be hours and not be able to figure out the problem in the end anyway. Why should digital strategy be any different? Do yourself a favor and enlist the expertise of a digital strategist (hint: us) and watch how your online presence and interactions with customers and channels partners improves by leaps and bounds, but in an organic manner. So, go on, get in touch with us, and see what we can do for you.

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