Why You Need a Social Media Manager

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Why You Need a Social Media Manager



If you’ve reached the stage where you’ve moved past mobile app development and on to mobile app marketing, you may be wondering whether or not you should hire a social media manager. You may be unsure whether they are truly worth the investment or not. Truthfully, a social media manager can be the difference between your social media marketing campaign succeeding or failing. This can have lasting effects on your mobile app’s success. Let’s discover some of the reasons why a social media manager is integral to your marketing strategy.


Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is only one piece of the bigger picture when it comes to marketing your app. To understand why that aspect is so important, it is important to understand why an overall marketing strategy is essential to your app’s success.

Mobile marketing, also known as internet marketing, is important because it is the best way to reach the audience that you most likely want to use your app. The same people who are likely to download an app are those who would be most likely found browsing on the internet.


Where Social Media Strategy Fits In

Armed with an understanding of why a marketing strategy is important, we can now move on to why a social media strategy specifically is also necessary for app marketing. Let’s dive into a few of the most substantial reasons that a social media strategy can serve you.


Social Media Engagement

Having a social media manager means having an expert who is able to help you achieve a high level of engagement on social media. As previously mentioned, many of the users you wish to see on your app are likely to be active on social media. Therefore, the more you can build brand awareness and trust, and boost social proof, the better off your app engagement is likely to be. In this modern digital age, “word of mouth” often comes through a like, comment, or share. This is invaluable to your app because it can create anticipation for your app pre-launch and help keep momentum going post-launch as well.

Social media engagement is very intertwined with the organic marketing aspect of the platform. Unlike paid marketing, organic marketing relies on platform users to draw to your app naturally over time, rather than relying on boosted ads or posts. A high engagement rate can draw more traffic to your page which will hopefully result in more conversions for you, whether that means more downloads, more subscribers, or another end to the funnel.


Social Media Optimization

Another way that a social media manager can be of help to you is as an app developer is through social media optimization. Each platform has its own best practices. Whether you choose to use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat to market your app, there are ways to make them work most in your favor. A social media manager has in-depth knowledge of what those best practices are and can use them to your advantage.

Some types of posts are received differently than others on each type of social media. For example, short-form videos in the form of Reels have taken off on Instagram in the wake of their new algorithm. Conversely, Facebook users still respond to a Facebook account making longer posts broken up into paragraphs. Twitter and Snapchat each have their own preferred method of posting for user engagement. A social media manager is able to take all of these differences into account and post accordingly while maintaining brand voice and striving to achieve goals. This leaves you free to focus on app development and optimization.


Social Media Influencer Marketing

Another way that a social media manager can assist you is through their knowledge of social media influencers. If you are interested in partnering with an influencer, you will want to work with a manager who knows how to collaborate and communicate with them. There are differences between long established Instagram influencers and a newer TikTok influencer in terms of price point, how they operate, and the kinds of audience they each reach.

Social media influencers are beginning to replace traditional brand campaigns that lead up to product launches. Now, instead of a simple strategy composed of photos and posts, a social media planner might elect to partner with an influencer who will make multiple videos promoting the app. It has been shown that users respond most to real people, which means that the right social media manager could bring your app launch to the next level with their skills.


Social Media Managers Track Efforts

A social media manager is well versed in the practice of assessing analytics. They know exactly which numbers matter and how much. This can give you valuable insights about things such as when to post and what content has high reach. Essentially, social media managers help you see clearly whether or not your marketing efforts are actually working. You might not pay per post with an organic social media strategy, but that doesn’t mean you want to lose out on valuable opportunities because you aren’t implementing your strategy efficiently.


Social Media Managers Save Time

This brings us to the last major reason that you should work with a social media manager as an app developer. Social media managers will undoubtedly help you save time when it comes to implementing your strategy. You may be covering many different bases when it comes to taking your app from a simple idea to a fully realized creation that people can use and enjoy. It will help you immensely to hand the reins to someone else where you can, particularly if it’s in an area that would require you to spend a sizable amount of additional time learning in order to get tasks done. Hiring a social media manager will give you a sense of support as you move through the process of developing and marketing your mobile app.

A social media manager offers many advantages when it comes to setting up and carrying out your social media strategy. You will want a strong strategy to complement your app and you will likely want to be able to set something up that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time stressing over after the fact. For these reasons, a social media manager would be a positive addition to your team. Now, it’s time to contact a marketing agency that is able to offer specialized services in social media marketing and help your app take off.

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