Why You Should Make Your App and Get On The App Market

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Why You Should Make Your App and Get On The App Market

Why You Should Make Your App and Get On The App Market



Think of what wakes you up every morning.  That loud alarm on your nightstand is by your side to make sure you’re up and ready to go.  If you’re anything like the millions of us, you’re likely using an alarm clock APP on your smartphone.  Why would anyone want an alarm clock app when they could just use a regular alarm clock? It’s simple, people love apps and there will always be a space in everyday life for their use.  That’s right, you can make an app for just about anything and it will likely provide tons of value. If you have that brilliant idea that keeps you up at night, don’t keep the people waiting, the world might need it.  Don’t hesitate to put it into motion and make it hAPPen.

It’s a good idea to seek the opinions of others and to know whether or not they would use the app and most importantly, keep using the app.  This accomplishes two things, you get an initial feel of who your target audience could be. Also, if you know people would use the app and keep coming back to the app, then it is capable of building customer loyalty.  The relationship you build between you and your customers is everything as you will need it to compete in today’s mobile market.

If you’re unsure, just advertise your app idea to those you know 

Surround yourself with a supportive group of connections.  Whether business connections or a small group of friends, ensure these are people who will give you honest feedback and push you to do better.  Use the opinions of these people to determine what you’re missing, find out how to make the change, and get it done. You’ve just improved your app and established a small group of loyal users who will stand by you every step of the way. This is a great start in building customer loyalty and establishing a marketing strategy going forward.

Have a business? You’re customers are waiting. Join the App Market!

Maybe you are a small business already and you want to take your business to the next level.  Launching your website, internet marketing and other social media channels might not be enough. Especially when most of your users are on android or their iOS devices downloading apps and using them the majority of their day.  It could be in your best interest to create a useful app depending on what your business is and learning app store optimization along with how to market an app after its creation.  Apps are created to make life simpler for their users.  Businesses can create apps for that same reason. It’s okay if the app isn’t perfect in the beginning–no app ever is!  Just listen to your users and make updates that will enhance their experience.

Here’s a Marketing Strategy for you… “FAIL BETTER”

Another cause for hesitation is the fear that your idea will fail–a fear that you will be swallowed by the competition or that your idea just won’t hit.  More times than not, this is the tip of the iceberg that turns people away. While it is good to be critical of your app to make it better, never use this as a reason to throw your whole idea away!  Use your own criticism and the criticism of others to improve the app before it’s even created and that will spur on more success from the beginning. Once you are ready, you will need to know how to launch an app in the best way possible and create waves in the app market.  This will require some research but will be essential to your digital marketing plan.

Every existing idea can always be built upon when you’re creative enough to put your own twist on it. It’s that uniqueness that will help you and your app succeed in today’s noisy and competitive app market. Often, people have a great idea for an app, but never follow through since they believe the task to be daunting.  Yes, building an app may take a lot out of you, but if you have the mindset and willingness to spend a few dollars to make something that you truly believe in, then it may turn out to be successful.  You may even question yourself if you’re creative enough, but the truth is creativity is not a gene, it’s something that you can develop over time. There will always be “critics” that want to shoot your idea down. A tip to keep on motivating you is to think of those critics as fans who are giving you the best advice on how you can improve your App.

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