Can You Compete in a Noisy Mobile Market?

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Can You Compete in a Noisy Mobile Market

Can You Compete in a Noisy Mobile Market?



The idea for the app is set and you plan on moving forward with its creation, it’s all coming to fruition.  In order to compete in the app market and set yourself apart, you have to be better than what’s already out there.  If you create an app without being aware of trends and conducting thorough competitive analysis, your app could be going nowhere fast.  But, if you take the right steps, you will be a strong voice through a megaphone that dominates the noisy space.

The Importance of Knowing Your Competitors – a MUST for Marketing Your App

It’s important to take note of what has been and what has not been successful for your competitors. This is something that should be constant and of top priority as an integral part of your digital marketing plan.  You must visually look different than your competition as well; the visual aspect can be part of what makes you unique and separates you from a business that offers something similar.  You can find many apps that serve the same purpose, but it’s the little details that separate the more superior apps. Identify who your competitors are, then categorize them and take note of what their audience is saying about them.  Branching off of that, try to get a feel for what their customer engagement is like and how they interact with their audience.

There are many tools you can use that can help you construct your competitive analysis.  SEMrush is one of many tools that can help you keep track of your competitors.  You can find out where they focus their marketing efforts and even see their website traffic.  You can learn about your competitors’ organic search and what their most successful SEO practices are.  Check to see the keywords they are targeting and uncover keyword opportunities you may have missed to increase your ROI.  You can boost your link-building campaign by looking at your competitors’ content that have the most backlinks and analyze that information to your benefit.  These tools allow you to see how competitors advertise by tracking their paid search and seeing what keywords they are bidding on. All things that are important to a company’s brand such as their social media, related articles, their online brand reputation and PR campaigns, you can integrate into your competitive analysis with the use of a good online marketing platform.  These types of platforms do a great job with helping you conduct your competitive analysis and essentially help create buzz and advertise your app in a non-invasive way.

How to create Buzz in the app market, and why it’s important

When we create something that we would like to share with the world, the first thing that comes to mind is, “how do we get people to notice our work and jump on the bandwagon?”. The hardest part seems to be coming up with an idea because you feel that your idea is already out there in the mobile market. While, there may be some truth in that, there are many other alternatives. Most people probably thought of the same idea as you have yet, somehow they still made it work for them. How? The answer is quite simple actually: They took the existing idea and made it their own. For example, think of the many songs that artists have written and how many songs are similar to these. The difference is they put their own magical twist onto it that makes it their own unique original piece, also known as a rendition. This concept is exactly the same with new apps – you take an existing idea and put your own magical twist on it that makes it unique.

You’ve probably used many apps that didn’t deliver what they intended to. Many apps are for show and, although there’s nothing wrong with that idea, it’s not going to make people stay. When you advertise your app you need to make sure it’ll deliver what it’s intended toIf it does, your app will drive in users who will share the app with friends and make it go viral!

Initial Launch Strategy – how to market an app

Before launching your app, you will want to consider how to market your app through both organic and paid channels.  Check out our last blog for more information on how to launch an app.

First, you will want to focus on app store optimization.  Researching the best keywords, writing a good description, and uploading the best screenshots will help optimize your app store landing page.  Second, you will want to focus on what media to use for paid promotions. There are various ad networks that allow you to send your message to the exact audience you are looking for.

If this seems daunting, don’t worry!  There are many app marketing agencies that can help lead you down the right path.  We happen to be one of them! We specialize in helping new apps gain users through these two strategies.

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