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Facebook and Instagram Marketing Secrets



The road to creating a successful app is difficult but doesn’t end after its development.  Advertising your app is the next step you have to take and it’s just as difficult and pricey as the last.  Luckily, Facebook and Instagram provide great tools for marketing your new mobile application.  Seeking advisement of what platforms to use and how much to spend on marketing is highly recommended; being that more and more app advertisers are aggressively spending funds to push app installs.  

App marketing is a steadily growing industry.  As more apps are developed, advertising is needed in order to give the mobile app exposure and drive downloads.  But what does Facebook and Instagram have to do with this?  Facebook and Instagram are the two largest social media platforms out there, so if you want app exposure, marketing through these two two social media giants is the way to go.   

Advantages of Facebook and Instagram Marketing

As said before, Facebook and Instagram are big players in social media; with Facebook actually owning Instagram as well.  These are two apps that most people use everyday, so why not use that to your advantage.  Firstly, make sure your app is optimized for ASO marketing.  After your app is optimized for organic searches, you can now branch out and make impressions even when people aren’t searching for an app like yours specifically.  

These ads are displayed within a user’s favorite/most-used apps, making your app ads seen frequently by users of Facebook and Instagram.  Thus, giving your app the largest amount of exposure as possible. These frequent ads not only drive app installs, but also strengthen user retention as well.  Advertisements of in app event promotions remind users of the app and help reinforce your app’s user base.   

Types of Facebook and Instagram Marketing Ads

Facebook and Instagram grant you a plethora of different types of ads, giving variety to how your app is seen.  Here is a list ads than can be used on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Image ads– Simplest form. Just a picture and caption, similar to a regular post.
  • Video Ads– A video post demonstrating your product or service.
  • Poll Ads– Engages users to answer polls, which then results are tallied. 
  • Carousel Ads– Series of images and videos displaying product or service.
  • Slideshow Ads- Can also be a series of images and are a nice low-data way of producing a video ad.
  • Collection Ads– Takes users to a direct marketplace.
  • Instant Experience Ads– Full screen fast loading ads.
  • Lead Ads– Quick contact information ads, only on mobile devices.
  • Dynamic Ads– Ads directed towards targeted audiences. 
  • Messenger Ads– Ads through Facebook Messenger. 
  • Story Ads– Vertical video ads filling up the screen.
  • Augmented Reality Ads– Filters and animations allowing users to interact with brands.

Set clear objectives when looking to market your app. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to refine your campaign objectives and optimize campaigns accordingly. Facebook Campaign objectives include: brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales, and store traffic.

Optimizing Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are a handy tool in app marketing.  They provide a lower cost per conversion, action, and install compared to other app marketing platforms. Facebook ads allow app marketers to reach volumes of users then refine and adjust ads to targeted audiences.  Once the ad budget is set, advertisers can track data and optimize ads accordingly. 

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