How to Create a Dating App: Pre Launch Marketing

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How to Create a Dating App: Pre Launch Marketing



The new age of online dating has come and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  With everyone looking for love, dating apps have taken over the app marketplace as people continue to search for their significant through refined searches.  Any idea is a good idea when it comes to creating a new dating app, but the way in which you market it is what will determine if it will thrive or fail within the app store.  New dating apps rely heavily on pre-launch campaigns, so have your app marketing team ready to make a splash on the app marketplace and get your app the exposure it deserves.    

People have and will always be looking for a partner, and now it has only become more convenient through, in most cases, a simple swipe on a smartphone; contributing to the steady increase in revenue and user base within dating apps.  In making this process easier, it has made people more and more picky when it comes to finding the one.  And this is why there is a multitude of dating apps, as each one tends to have its own niche within its framework.

In taking a look at the top two dating apps, Tinder and Bumble, there is a lot to learn from their design and marketing objective.  Tinder leads the forefront of dating apps with its ability to take the seriousness away from dating, as the app caters mostly to casual dating with its easy process of match finding through a simple swipe. While Bumble on the other hand, utilize a little more of a unique aspect for its users. Being that Bumble did spawn from Tinder, it adopts many of the same features.  But Bumble is different in that it gives women the option to be the first to engage in conversation, breaking from the traditional dating app experience and giving women more power within the experience.            

Guide to an Effective Dating App Pre Launch Campaign  

Like other apps, dating apps need to build a solid user base in order to stay profitable.  But with a dating app, pre-launch marketing holds a lot more weight in having a successful launch. Get started early on advertising, even during development, with new dating apps.  Gain as many users as possible and build up user trust in the time before launch.  You want to have a large enough user base at launch to have your app function as efficiently as possible. You can gain early users by keeping them posted on your marketing campaign all the way up until the app’s press release.  Engage with early users through blog posts or social media.  Use fun incentives, like a free premium trial, that would urge users to go for that early download.      

Determining Your Dating App Design and Marketing 

Utilize ASO to stand out of an app store’s marketplace.  There is a mass of dating apps within mobile app stores, so you need to be sure you can differentiate yourself effectively from the crowd.  Hone in on your niche aspect so your users can find your app as smoothly as possible. Also, be able to describe your app in a simple and digestible way, have an easy to understand landing page to inform your user on everything they need to know.  

Make the app fun to use!  Adding a sense of gamification to the dating experience only adds to the fun and excitement of dating.  But be careful, dating apps can tend to draw up quite a bit of misconduct, so have a secure network to protect against spam, inappropriate content, or radical behavior.  

Social Media Dating

Social media can become a handy tool in marketing a dating app.  Firstly, be sure to have the option to intertwine social media to your app.  This adds verification to your users, expands your exposure, and makes the app more enjoyable to use.  Like other forms of marketing, start small and grow your audience.  Social media is a great way to kick off pre-launch marketing campaigns.  Media influencers give you the ability to closely target specific audiences and expand from there. Paid advertising is always a good option in pre-launch campaigns, but find a fun and innovative way to market your dating app. Maybe collaborate with other companies; like for example, Domino’s once used Tinder as a platform for marketing during Valentine’s Day. 

Dating App Data Tracking 

Unfortunately, dating apps have to track data. Personal information, like location, is tracked in order to best suit its users. It is good practice to utilize this data, but don’t become too invasive; this can cause more harm than good.  Mining data unnecessarily can turn users off to your app, being that they can feel that their privacy has been breached.  But this data tracking is not all bad, as it can aid with pre-launch campaigns by helping you find your target audiences.  Finding where your loyal users are and what they would like within the app.  

This data can help you build a steady user base; because with dating apps if there isn’t a large enough community at launch, the app can fall flat regardless of how good it is.  Lastly, take in as much feedback as you can. You want your dating app to be as great as possible, because something so little can drive a user away from your app and to another one instead.

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