TikTok Advertising: How To Utilize TikTok Marketing

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TikTok Advertising: How To Utilize TikTok Marketing



TikTok has taken over mobile devices as the new rising star of social media outlets, making TikTok a prime platform for mobile app advertising.  TikTok has grown to become the 6th most popular app used globally; with its user base still increasing.  As one of the best social media platforms for user engagement, TikTok advertising creates tremendous opportunity in reaching specific demographics.  

With TikTok’s main user base as Gen Z, TikTok’s advertising will be targeting users under 30 years of age; hitting a younger demographic for the most part. This makes TikTok a very appealing platform for app advertising as users are more engaged within TikTok as opposed to other media platforms. 

Costs of TikTok Advertising

But before you jump into data advertising, you have to check with the costs.  TikTok ads can be very efficient, but can become extremely expensive. Budget your ad funds wisely, don’t go to TikTok ads just for the sake of it; if ads on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are cheaper, utilize those first and test what strategies work.  Return to TikTok ads when the time and money are there.  

Best way to get your feet wet in TikTok advertising is to simply just create your own profile.  Promote your app or product organically, and when you get your ducks in a row, nail home your target demographic with TikTok ads.  You can upload shoppable posts that contain links to your app or product.  If you plan on getting organic exposure this way on TikTok, be sure to stay up to date on the latest trends and try to incorporate them into your posts.  TikTok advertising utilizes trends in marketing more than any other social network app

Different Types of TikTok Advertising 

TikTok is home to a few other ways of advertising.  Here is a list along with the average prices you would see:

  • In-Feed Video Ads– These are ads placed directly into a user’s video feed.  These can cost up to 25-30k daily.
  • Brand Takeover Ads– These ads are displayed to users as they open the TikTok App. These ads can run you about 50k per day.
  • Hashtag Challenge– Is used in TikTok’s discovery feature. Users create content promoting products through hashtags, SEO is very important in ranking high within TikTok’s searches.  These ads can go up to 150k for about six days of use. 
  • Branded AR Content Ads– Similar to Snapchat’s filter ads. Ads are shown through branded lenses.  This can cost about 80-120k depending on the ad’s complexity. 
  • Influencer Marketing– This is probably the most economical way to advertise on TikTok.  These are promotions through TikTok media influencers within specific markets.  Pricing can start around 1k, but depends solely on how popular the influencer is.

Why Use TikTok Advertising in App Marketing 

TikTok advertising is best used for its great ability to nail in a targeted demographic, even more so than Snapchat advertising. This does come at a cost being that the prices for TikTok ads are pretty hefty.  Be sure to budget your app accordingly and prepare yourself thoroughly when considering going into TikTok marketing.  When you’re ready to hit TikTok’s ad space, go in with a set strategy that you are sure will work.  When running ads, you can utilize TikTok Pixels to help track and optimize your campaigns with adjustments to budget, bidding, time frame, and goals. 

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