How to Celebrate Black History Month on Instagram

The new year is well underway, and we’re now celebrating the beginning of Black History Month. If you have a social media presence for your company, you may have thought about how to show up in observance. If you haven’t quite figured out the best way to do so, just keep reading ahead. Today, SEM […]

How a Social Media Strategist Can Upgrade Your Marketing Game

Social media marketing is a rapidly growing industry. These days, many companies are realizing that they need to capitalize on social media in order to reach every corner of their audience with their marketing strategy. But what if creating and carrying out a social media strategy seems entirely intimidating to you? That’s where a social […]

Why Canva is Taking Over the Content Creation Space

Canva is quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of a professional content creation toolkit. With so many options available, it can be hard to sift through and decide what platform makes the most sense to use for your needs. But among all the different design and scheduling tools available, Canva has proven itself […]

The 5 Levels of Influencers: How to Know Which is Right for You?

Influencer marketing is a fairly new sector of marketing strategy. Because of this, it can be hard to know exactly how to utilize it for your small business. The first question to ask is what level of influencer is right for you when it comes to promoting your brand or mobile app? Read ahead to […]

The Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Success

Are you overwhelmed by trying to keep up with scheduling social media content regularly? If you find yourself struggling to post consistently or in a timely manner, the answer is simple; you need a content management system. But with a huge variety of systems available, how can you know which is right for you? That’s […]

Why You Need a Social Media Manager

If you’ve reached the stage where you’ve moved past mobile app development and on to mobile app marketing, you may be wondering whether or not you should hire a social media manager. You may be unsure whether they are truly worth the investment or not. Truthfully, a social media manager can be the difference between […]

The Most Popular Apps Amongst Gen Z Might Surprise You

What types of apps are Gen Z most engaged with and interested in? Perhaps surprisingly, thg an app marketing strategy, it’s important to research deeply. So read ahead to find out more about the most popular apps amongst Gen Z.

Building App Engagement Through Social Media Community

When it comes to the social media marketing strategy for your mobile app there are multiple factors that come into play. You will very likely engage in paid social media advertising through sponsored ads or by using a social media influencer. But another integral part of mobile app marketing is using organic social media to […]

Creating an Effective Social Media CTA

A CTA in digital marketing is like a Trojan horse; when done right, people don’t see it coming, and it’s extremely effective in breaking down consumer’s walls. The best app marketing agencies know how to use a CTA to clearly lead their audience to where they want them to go. But with so many different […]

MailChimp A/B Testing: A Beginner’s Guide

If you google AB testing, you will likely be inundated with multiple companies offering to perform a/b testing services. But what exactly is A/B testing? Simply put, A/B testing is an experiment with two results – A and B. Also known as split testing, this method of testing is an integral part of user tracking which allows marketers and developers to identify the most valuable variable of a specific asset.


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